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Rhythmic Activities and Dance-2nd Edition (Music CD)

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Rhythmic Activities and Dance, Second Edition, is a collection of some of the most popular recreational dance forms, geared for teachers of K-12 students and for recreation directors and leaders who want to teach easy rhythms and dances for fun and fitness. Significantly updated, expanded, and reorganized from the first edition, this second edition features the following:
  • A new chapter on social dance, focusing on basic rhythmic patterns and introductory steps to help students learn how to waltz, foxtrot, tango, merengue, salsa or mambo, rumba, and swing
  • Instructions for using cognitive, affective, and psychomotor objectives to assist in developing appropriate units for your students
  • An easy-to-use rhythmic activity finder to help you find dances and activities
  • A stronger focus on social development, including suggestions for setting up a nonthreatening environment and including students of all abilities
  • Assessment sections providing tips for having students create their own dances and a rubric to assess them, review questions, and observation questions
  • An accompanying CD that contains the music you need for teaching many of the dances and activities in the book
Based on standards from the National Dance Association, the National Association for Sport and Physical Education, and the North Carolina Standard Course of Study, this book is even more user friendly than its previous edition. The organization moves from easy rhythmic games and activities to specific dances, including line dances, folk dances, mixers, square dances, and social dances. You can select activities across chapters or develop units of instruction per chapter, depending on the interest levels and abilities of your students. The book also contains cross-references to companion music provided on the CD. Having this CD means you will have music for many of the dances and lessons without expending extra funds, time, and effort to find appropriate music.

Rhythmic Activities and Dance, Second Edition, is an essential resource for teachers, recreation directors, and recreation leaders looking to include all students and to encourage fit, joyful lifelong movers and learners. With its built-in progression, its wide array of selections, and its flexibility in shaping a dance program, you will not be out of step with this new edition.


Rhythmic Activity Finder
CD Song List
Key to Diagrams

Chapter 1. Starting a Rhythmic Activities and Dance Program
Planning Your Program
Program Considerations
Unit Planning
Lesson Planning
Rhythmic Terms
Music in Rhythmic Activities and Dance

Chapter 2. Icebreaker Activities
Easing Students Into Rhythmic Activities and Dance

Chapter 3. Rhythmic Games and Activities
From Old to New
Music Selection
Large-Group Activities
Small-Group Activities

Chapter 4. Aerobic Dance and Fitness Routines
Strategies for Quality Aerobics
Warm-Up and Cool-Down Exercises
Exercise Components for Aerobics and Dance Routines
Sample Aerobic Workouts
How to Create Rhythmic Routines and Dances
Prechoreographed Routines

Chapter 5. Line Dances
Line Dance Activities
Line Dance Unit Planning

Chapter 6. Folk Dances
Description of Folk Dancing

Chapter 7. Mixers
History of Mixers
Teaching Social Mixers With the Round-Robin Wave
Single Circle Facing Center With a Partner
Double Circle, Facing Line of Direction
Double Circle Partners Facing
Free or Open

Chapter 8. Square Dances and Clogging
History of American Square Dance
Basics of Teaching Square Dance
Appalachian Big Set
Big-Circle Figures
Small-Circle Figures
Square Figures

Chapter 9. Social Dances
Smooth American-Style Dances
Latin-Style Dances

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Reference for K-12 teachers, recreation directors, and recreation leaders. Textbook for physical education, recreation, and kinesiology pedagogy majors taking teaching methods courses.

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