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Station Games

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Station Games presents over 40 creative and imaginative lessons that contain more than 200 station activities. Everything you need to prepare and successfully implement game stations is in this one concise resource.

Nowhere else will you find such a wide variety of station-based lessons. They’re neatly categorized by subject area and grade level for easy reference. And each lesson offers suggestions for increasing the skill level and adapting the station to meet other unit criteria or cross-curricular study alternatives.

When you’re short on time, you’ll appreciate the convenience of the at-a-glance game finder. It lists all the games, along with accurate details on objectives, skills, equipment, safety concerns, and modifications. In a matter of seconds, you can find the appropriate lesson for the day.

Informative yet pleasantly informal in tone, Station Games is packed with these helpful tips for adding game stations to your everyday curriculum:
  • Detailed set-up instructions and descriptions for each game station
  • Built-in objectives and outcomes for everything from reinforcement of learned skills to skill assessment at the end of a lesson
  • Helpful illustrations that eliminate any question about proper execution
Station Games is the tool you need to implement reflective teaching with confidence, improve your teaching style, and help students develop health and fitness in a fun and low-pressure setting.


Game Finder

Chapter 1. Teaching Tips
Make It Simple—Finding Your Inspiration
Make It Fun—Planning Makes Perfect
Make It Matter—Expecting the Best

Chapter 2. Basic Skills
Directions, Pathways, and Levels
Jump Rope Basics
Locomotor Skills
Balance #1
Balance #2
Ball Handling
Throwing and Tossing
Volleying and Striking

Chapter 3. Sports Fundamentals
Volleyball #1
Volleyball #2
Soccer #1
Soccer #2

Chapter 4. Fitness Essentials
Muscle Building
Resistance Training
Championship Obstacle Course
Healthy Heart Circuits
Upper Body Toning
Lower Body Strengthening
Warm-Up and Cool-Down Stretching

Chapter 5. Themes
Halloween Frights
Christmas Cheers
Winter Wonderland
The Zoo
Mother Goose
Under the Big Top
Field Day

Chapter 6. Stretches, Tags, and Quick Skills
Zoo Stretches
Tag! You’re It
Wipe Out—and Other Quick Ideas


Elementary physical education specialists and classroom teachers; physical education administrators; university faculty

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